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Product Feature:

1. Full digital circuitry

2. Intelligent and high quality.

3. Invisible and comfortable to wear

4. Adaptive noise reduction

5. Low power consumption

6. Superior chip with fine sound quality

7. Small in size and light in weight.

8. Smart chip, analysis of sound quality

9. Long life, hybrid range of 48h

10. Simple in operation

Product Information:

Saturated Sound Output: 105.4 dBSPL

Peak Gain: 30±3 dB

Average Gain: 25±3dB

Frequency Range: 200 Hz~8000Hz

Equivalent Input Noise: 24dB

Suitable For The Population: Moderate hearing loss ≤70dB

Range Life: Single ear is 12 hours with a hybrid range of 48 hours

Rechargeable, Invisible Hearing Aids With A10 Battery in the Ear Sound Amplifier

SKU: 32779925840